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Dentist Hendrik Marsman graduated in 1986 from the Catholic University of Nijmegen in the Netherlands. After his graduation in 1987 he started his career in Curacao, where he ran two big practices. In 2001 he opened the first practice for advanced dentistry in Aruba and has been working fulltime there since 2002.

In 25 years dentist Marsman has gained a lot of experience and followed several courses including how to work with anxious patients, orthodontics, oral surgery and implantology, regeneration techniques, advanced radiology, cosmetic dentistry in combination with botox and lipfilling , crown and bridge work, extensive reconstruction, also on implants, and biocompatible dentistry. The implantology of the German brand “Dentsply-Friadent” he has been handling for years.

The goal of dentist Marsman is to provide the patient with a long-term solution that doesn´t  interfere with the rest of the body. The health condition of the mouth often predicts the possibility for chronic diseases; this can be seen many years before a patient develops clinical symptoms. A healthy, old day with no medication begins with a healthy way of living and  a healthy mouth, free of infections, dead and or toxic materials!

His practice motto is: “Forward Thinking Dentistry”, a healthy mouth and body on the long term!

Dentist Christine Bellmann graduated in 2009 in dentistry at the university of Carl Gustav Carus in Dresden, Germany. She thereafter promoted to Dr.med. dent. in Germany. In the last years she worked as a dentist in Germany and the United Kingdom. She attended multiple post graduate courses in the field of esthetic dentistry and implantology. Her main interests are new developments in dentistry and to provide patients with healthy, functional and esthetic teeth within the scope of biocompatible dentistry.

Dentist Marius (Mike) Eduard de l'Isle graduated in 1975 in dentistry at the University in Utrecht, The Netherlands. After a few months of practice in The Netherlands he decided to establish himself in his home country Aruba. He is practicing family dentistry for almost 40 years, still attends many congresses and brings his ample knowledge and experience to our practice. He is known for being a very amicable dentist and always ready for his patients.

Dentist Sadira de l’Isle graduated in 2014 from the Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam (ACTA) and also holds a Masters Degree in Biomedical Science (2008) from the University of Amsterdam, specializing in microbiology. Prior to her dental career she worked as a researcher at ACTA studying the microbiology of dental caries in which she worked closely with dentists and scientists (evidence based dentistry). Her interests are in restaurative dentistry, bruxism, tooth wear and dental biomaterials. Her mission is to provide patients with healthy, beautiful and strong teeth by ensuring quality dental care, good communication and a personal approach.

Having grown up around her father’s dental practice (Mike de l’Isle), it is a privilege to be able to work alongside him now in the Practice for Advanced Dentistry, interchanging dental knowledge and propagating his 40 years of experience in dental patient care. Working as a father/daughter duo, they will continue to provide the same high standard dental care a lot of patients in Aruba have grown accustomed to.


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