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Our team of dentists collaborate and work as a multidisciplinary team and cover many specializations

Welcome to PAD

As a group practice of 4 multi lingual and experienced dentists and 2 orthodontic specialists with 8 operatories, we practically do not have any waiting time and therefore patients can get an appointment on short notice.

We also have lots of experience in treating children, anxious patients, medically compromised patients and very difficult cases with boneloss, implants, crown and bridge work.  This we offer with the latest techniques such as Plasma and Ozone.

By detecting early symptoms that could signify potential problems our team can address these issues before they escalate and cause further oral and overall health problems.

Our office with the "Big Tooth"

We care about you

Being and staying healthy on the long run with no medication starts with a healthy mouth and jaws. This is the goal of “Forward Thinking Dentistry”

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