Concept of Forward Thinking Dentistry

Bacteria and their toxins can not only lead to an inflammation in the mouth but can also be damaging to the whole body. An acute localized infection by bacteria and their toxins, trigger an inflammatory respons in the teeth/gums and or mouth. When not properly treated or not treated on time the inflammation can become chronic and trigger inflammatory responses in other organs (via bloodvessels, lymph vessels) leading to a systemic activation of the immune system.

We advice patients to get screened and get the source of these dental infections removed in order to get rid of local and systemic inflammation. This is the only way the body and the immunesystem can get back on track making it able for you to lead a healthy lifestyle. A lifetstyle where you can enjoy your older day free of medication and chronic diseases.
We believe that a timely screening and evaluation of oral health can positively influence your future overall health. This is what we call “Forward Thinking Dentistry”

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